The weather is out of our control when we go on holiday but if you go at the right time of year to the right destination then you are usually guaranteed sunshine. This is why Benidorm is such a popular destination as it increases your chances of great weather with little to no rain.

That’s not to say that it is unavoidable, no matter how much you ask mother nature. While Benidorm is famous for its sunshine it is not without the odd overcast day or burst of rain. Below we give you a little idea about what to expect when visiting Benidorm for the first time

Weather in Benidorm

The weather situation is very very important if you have to wish to visit Benidorm. Understanding the weather situation is important before moving to Benidorm because Benidorm has some cold days and some hot. Some months know the best month to visit the Benidorm.

What is the coldest month in Benidorm?

Temperatures during summer are perfect for most people who come to visit, so what happens if you decide to visit out of season? Well as expected the coldest months are December and January with temperatures dropping as low as 7°C. If you are lucky enough the temperature has been known to rise to 17°C during these times which is almost enjoyable without the need for a jumper. There are lot of things to do in Benidorm and tasty food is waiting for you.

Which months are hot in Benidorm?

If you have chosen to go between the months of July and August temperatures generally stay below 30°C which is nice and not too hot that you will spend your time hunting for shady spots on the beaches. However, if you are traveling with elderly people, babies, or young children then it is important to make sure they are well protected from the harsh UV rays.

August is the hottest month in Benidorm if you like the hot weather then this is the best month for you. if you like the normal weather then weather in November in Benidorm is best when there is not hot or cold weather. In November the weather remains normal and is the perfect weather for the weather. Early in the morning is when it is generally the coolest which is the best time to hit the beaches or swimming pool. Between midday and 4 o’clock is when temperatures are at their hottest with the sun directly overhead, so try to avoid extended periods in the sun during this time, and always make sure that you wear sunscreen and adequate protection.

It is also important to stay hydrated, of course, we all enjoy a beer or cocktail in the sun but this will only dehydrate you further so try and drink plenty of water throughout the day – you’ll thank yourself for it in the morning. The temperature will drop in the evening but if the humidity is high then it can be a little uncomfortable to sleep, but if you have a room with air conditioning then that shouldn’t be a problem. Here are some tips protect yourself when you visit Benidorm.

Raining month in the Benidorm?

It is hard to accurately predict what the weather is going to do from one day to the next and in Benidorm, there is every possibility that the weather will be glorious. Rainfall in Benidorm will occur, but you might be surprised to find out that it is not that frequent. Outside of the busy summer months, October to March which is regarded as the offseason there is on average four rainy days per month which isn’t bad at all.

Which is the best month to visit the Benidorm?

I will say it’s totally up to your mood and your nature. Some peoples like hot weather other likes cold and some like normal weather with raning then it’s your choose which month you choose to go to the benidorm. If you love the hot weather then July and August are going to be the two best months to visit Benidorm, but if you are looking to avoid the swarms of people at the beach then October to March might be more suited to you.

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