Useful Information to Know If You’re Travelling to Benidorm

If you are planning to travel to Benidorm for your next holiday? As well as booking your accommodation and changing your currency there are a few other important things to know about Benidorm. Below are a few handy hints and tips to make your stay in the city as stress-free as possible.

Getting around Benidorm

There are many ways to get around Benidorm and assuming that you are not going to spend all your time at the beach you may use public transport or the local taxi service. Buses are a great way to get about and they run promptly, and you will be able to pick up a route map from your hotel or tourist information centre. Taxis run on metres so there is no negotiating a fare beforehand, and they aren’t that expensive.

Emergency Services

While it is the last thing, we would want to think about sometimes things can go wrong, and if you’re going anywhere new for the first time it pays to be prepared. Make sure you look at travel insurance cover for the time you are away, and below are a few other points of interest.

British Consulate Alicante

The British Consulate in Alicante is there to assist any British nationals while they are abroad. They can be found at Edificio Espacio, Rambla Méndez Núñez 28-32, 6ª planta, 03002 Alacant, Alicante, Spain. You can call them on +34 965 21 60 22.

Emergency numbers

As well as the general European emergency number of 112, Spain also has some more specific numbers:

  • 061 – Health and medical emergencies
  • 080 – Fire service
  • 092 – Local Police service


There are two forms of languages spoken in Benidorm, Spanish, which is the official language and then Valencian which is the local language of the Region of Valencia. Most bars, pubs and restaurants do speak English, but the quieter parts of the city and back streets may stick to the local dialect.


If you need a bank while away, then most banks in Benidorm are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm. A handful of branches are open on Saturday morning and there are plenty of ATM cash dispensers located throughout the city which will accept international bank cards.


While we’re on the subject of banks, the local currency is the Euro and comes in denominations of 5,10,20,50,100, 200, 500. It is recommended however that you avoid larger denominations of 200 and 500€ as it’s unlikely that not all businesses will accept them due to not having change available.

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