Taberna Andaluza

Taberna Andaluza is a very well-priced restaurant serving a great variety of Mediterranean, European and Spanish cuisine. Located on Calle Esperanto dishes range between £9-£18 making it a very affordable place to eat.

It is vegetarian friendly while catering to those people who are gluten-free or vegan. The interior is authentic and traditionally Spanish looking with dark wood features, lovely, tiled walls and floors to ensure its cool inside. There are plenty of seating options inside and out and it also has a lovely courtyard. 

Taberna Andaluza serves a great selection of tasty beers which is the ideal accompaniment on a hot summer’s day. The restaurant is easy to find but is in competition with many other eateries in the vicinity, so you are going to have a lot of choices – but Taberna Andaluza is certainly worth the visit.

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