La Cava Aragonesa

The Cava Aragonesa is in the Plaza de la Constitución, in the old town of Benidorm, in an area known as the “Calle de Los Vinos” and is described as a Mediterranean, Spanish wine bar. It is just 50 meters from the beach and was and is one of the more popular choices to dine out in the area.

Its gastronomic offering is complemented with its own style and creativity which makes it one of the best-known places in Benidorm for a relaxed dining experience. La Cava Aragonesa has a delicious menu which includes, Catalan toast with virgin olive oil and tomato as well as varieties of sausages, cheeses which have been salted and smoked.

In addition to the menu, La Cava Aragonesa has an extensive selection of more than 700 varieties of wine. The bar atmosphere is relaxing and you can sit and enjoy a wide variety of tapas and pinchos, or if you would like a more intimate experience then you can have dinner in the restaurant.

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