5 Essentials to pack for your Benidorm holiday

So, you have decided to book a holiday to Benidorm, the sunny seaside resort located in the province of Alicante takes in spectacular views of the Mediterranean coast. Each year millions of tourists arrive to make the most of the hot weather, scenery, nightlife, and attractions.

Knowing what to take with you can stem further than just a pair of swimming shorts or a bikini. You need to think about what you will need for the evening, heading out on day trips or if you just want to relax on the beach or by the hotel pool. Below are a few essentials to pack for your Benidorm holiday.

General holiday essentials

Everyone loves to pack for a holiday as it helps to build the excitement of going away to a new destination with great weather, long beaches, and fantastic nightlife. But there are a couple of holiday essentials that you need to remember to pack such as your passport, visa, and insurance documents. Other travel accessories might include a travel plug adapter, earphones, and music player – which is probably your phone so make sure you pack a charger.

Beach days

Levante is one of Benidorm’s most famous beaches which is 2kms in length, stretching even further is Poniente beach, which is located on the edge of Old Town. Poniente Beach is popular with the locals as it is quieter and far away from tourists and it has all the same amenities as Levante.

If you are a regular beachgoer then you’ll know that the most common things to pack will be swimwear, towel, hat and sunscreen as well as a sturdy pair of flip flops – and if you love to read then a good book is a necessity.

Hiking and views

To get the most breath-taking views of Benidorm and capture the most stunning sunsets, you can take a 45-minute hike up to reach the famous cross known as La Cruz de Benidorm. With that in mind be sure to pack a pair of sensible walking or hiking boots and that you break them in beforehand so as not to get blisters. Also, as it gets hot make sure you take and drink plenty of water, it also does not hurt to pack a first aid kit just to be well prepared.

Family activities

One reason why Benidorm is so popular is that it caters to all types of people, especially families. Benidorm offers a wide range of tourist attractions such as theme parks and water parks.

One of the main ones is Terra Mítica which has several themed zones based on the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome which are packed with roller coasters and rides. There is also Aqualandia water park where there are swimming pools, water slides and river rapids so it is important to pack your swimwear, goggles, towel, and flip flops.

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